E.170 Beastly Kingdom.

There are a lot of ideas that don’t come to light in Disney, today we chat about one of our favorites from the Animal Kingdom; Beastly Kingdom. What was this fun idea and why did we not get a chance to experience it? Listen while we talk it out.




2 thoughts on “E.170 Beastly Kingdom.

  1. It’s probably not true, but I read a rumor they are making the next theme park Disney’s Beastly Kingdom right next to AK. The lands would consist of a central Dragon section (Discovery Island), an Egypt section (Africa), Australia (Asia), a Stars Wars snow planet (Dinoland) and Fantasia (Pandora).

  2. Great show guys, I love hearing about Beastly Kingdom. I’d rather have BK more than the eventually built Pandora. I think the lack of Big movie IP’s is probably why it wasn’t built.

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