Monthly Archives: March 2019

E.175 Choosing Our Disney Jobs.

Everyone who has ever been to a Disney park has thought about working there and how much fun it would be; in this podcast, we get really picky and choose the exact jobs we would want working at specific attractions in each park.

E.174 Captain Marvel Movie Review

Today we are talking about Captain Marvel, What we liked and what we wish they would consider changing in the future. All this today on the Obscure Disney Podcast.

E.173 Disney News Dump. News Rumors and Lies.

Disney dropped a lot of news this week from Galaxy’s Edge opening dates to Disney+ streaming service, Guardians of the Galexys 3 and Toy Story 4, we are talking about that and more today on the Obscure Disney Podcast.

E.172 Lie Lie Truth, Disney Edition.

Today we give you a lie lie and a truth all about Disney. Can you tell what one is the truth? I bet you will know the answer today on the Obscure Disney Podcast.

E.171 Disney Universal Competition of Announcements

When you have two theme parks in very close proximity, the visitors are the ones who benefit from the constant battle to outdo each other. We are talking today about the ongoing one-upmanship that keeps the parks in Florida constantly changing and improving.

E.170 Beastly Kingdom.

There are a lot of ideas that don’t come to light in Disney, today we chat about one of our favorites from the Animal Kingdom; Beastly Kingdom. What was this fun idea and why did we not get a chance to experience it? Listen while we talk it out.


E.169 Disney’s 3D Metal Earth.

Today on the Obscure Disney Podcast we are talking all about what you need to know before putting together a 3D Metal Earth Puzzle that can be found at the parks and online.

E.168 Dumbo Jumbo Junior Airlines.

The first show of the month means a Patch Podcast! We talk about Dumbo the ride found at Disney parks all over the world and how the movie inspired both the rides and the patch for March. What are our memories of the ride? Is it a must do during our trips? Find out on this show!