Monthly Archives: April 2019

E.183 Dark Kingdom Final Pt3. Obscure Disney Podcast

We are rounding out the third installment of our thoughts on what  Disney’s Dark Kingdom could be as we visit the Queendom here on the Obscure Disney Podcast.

E.182 Great Obscure Moments with Mr Lincoln.

Today on the Obscure Disney Podcast we are talking about the famous attraction, Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln as we discuss a few parts of the attraction’s past and the bumpy road getting Mr. Lincoln to stand up and have his say.

E.178 Problems in Paris, and Euro Disney

We often complain about Disneyland Paris, we decided to delve into why the construction of Euro Disney had such an impact on the rest of the Disney company. Was Disney a pioneer, or just pushy? You decide!

E.177 Let’s get ready to Dumbo.

Today we are doing a post-movie recap of Disney’s new live-action movie of Dumbo. We have some thoughts about the movie we thought we would share. Spoilers ahead.

E.176 Flower’s Flowers Patch. Obscure Disney Podcast

Let’s talk about one of our favorite sidekicks from Bambi, in conjunction with the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival! It’s the time of year for new and exciting so be sure to check out the Patch of the Month as well!