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E.248 Queen Mary Park

Today we are talking about the interesting story of how Disney ended up owning the Queen Mary for a period of time and how it almost become one of the coolest theme parks of all time.

E.247 Spending Mr Banks: Dinosaur, Animal Kingdom

We are venturing into the world of a redesign of the Dinosaur ride at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. What would you do to update the ride?

E.246 Zootopia the Patch

We know you love Zootopia as much as we do! Today we are talking about the movie and how it inspired this month’s patch!

E.245 Disney Thanksgiving

On this special Thanksgiving holiday, we are talking about what we are most thankful for Disney style this year.

E.244 Davy Crockett, is it Worth Watching

With Disney+  we are introduced to some older movies but are they worth watching, We talk about that today.

E.241 The Little Mermaid Live

Like a lot of us, we watched The Little Mermaid Live and wanted to talk it over with some of our friends, today on the Obscure Disney Podcast

E.240 Disney+ Day One

It is finally here, The day Disney+ is finally here and we are ready to discuss what is the first thing we want to watch and what we want to watch again.

E.239 Beauty and the Beast on Broadway

In this episode, we wanted to talk about Disney’s first-ever Broadway show, Beauty and the Beast and how it inspired the live-action movie in later years. find out more about the show and how it changed the direction of Broadway.

E.238 Wildest Ride in the Wilderness

It is the beginning of November and we wanted to talk about our new patch inspired by Big Thunder Mountain. We are talking about the rides’ surprising back story and how this became the Wildest Ride in the Wilderness.

E.237 Dead Men Tales at Disney

On this special Halloween edition, we are talking about ghost tales at Disney and debunking a few too! Happy Halloween everyone!