Monthly Archives: February 2021

‘The Muppet Show’ Coming to Disney Plus in February

The Muppet Show is coming to Disney Plus! The half-hour variety show created by Jim Henson ran from 1976 to 1981. All five seasons will be available on Feb. 19—with seasons four and five available on streaming for the first time, according to Variety.


Is Coco Coming to the EPCOT Mexico Pavilion?

With Coco’s amazing success and the EPOCT Mexico Pavilion in need of a refurb, is this a good time to blend the two? Recent changes suggest it might, We discuss that, and Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure’s upcoming opening still slated for later this year.


How Disney Weenies Got Their Name?

So you might have heard of the Disney Weenie, well we were wondering what the meaning was behind the name and how they came to be, and we are telling you all about how they came to be on today’s show.