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E.298 Disney Villains all at Home at the Dark Kingdom

Today we chat about 11 of our favorite Disney Villains and one of our favorite Disney Topics, the Dark Kingdom, a park that we still hope will one day become a reality.

E.297 Topic Disneyland Name, Discuss

Today we are open forum chatting about Disneyland and if parks around the world should use the name or if there should only be one.

E.296 Disneyland Dubai Not Anytime Soon

But alas, there is no Disneyland now nor is there ever likely to be in Dubai. … But there were some early discussions in 2014 and we are discussing them today.

E.295 11 Happy Disney Thoughts

Today we wanted to take about 11 of our favorite times in the Disney Parks and moments that you might love as well. If you would like to share your moments with us find tag #obscuredisneypodcast or find us on Instagram HERE

E.292 Shanghai Disneyland Reopening Day

The entire Disney community is very excited for the first park to reopen, Shanghai Disney that happened today May 11th, 2020. We are talking about what it was like for those that were lucky enough to attend,

E.290 Inside Outs Bing Bong Disney Patch Cast

Today we are talking about one of Pixar’s best supporting characters ever, Bing Bong from Inside Out, and how he inspired this month patch.

E.289 Soarin All Around the World

Today we are taking you for a ride on Disney’s Soarin and how this ride became one of the most iconic rides at California Adventure.

E.288 Happy 22nd Birthday Animal Kingdom

The Animal Kingdom turned 22 on Earth Day, April 22, 2022, and we thought this was a great time to discuss the park and the amazing theming.

E.286 Disney’s Reopening

New speculation came out today that Disney Parks could be closed for up to 18 months, Today we dissect what that could look like for the reopening.

E.285 Let it Go from Frozen on Broadway

The show we know and love has one of the best moment on Broadway, and that is Let it go from Frozen, We are talking about the changes from the California Adventure show to Broadway.