Monthly Archives: January 2019

E.159 Mastering the Art of Animation

Put on your painting smocks and pull out your paint thinner, we are getting artsy up in here! You may have walked past the Art of Animation building in Disney’s California Adventure and not even known it, and we are going to tell you all about what you have been missing; as there have been a lot of changes, you have already permanently missed some things, so best go check it out now!

E.158 News Rumors and Lies from the Galaxy’s Edge

We are doing our best to talk about Disney’s new Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge land coming to both Disneyland and Hollywood Studios at WDW Walt Disney World both opening later in 2019

E.157 Ready Disney Player 1

Hope your controllers are all charged up, we have a lot of games to get through! Listen as we (mostly Ryan) chat about Disney in video games; from games for younger kids, games for families to games for maybe a bit more hardcore fans, we touch base on Disney game history and even get excited about a new title coming soon!

E.156 We Wants the Redhead. Obscure Disney Podcast

We are talking about the changes that have happened over the years to Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland and Walt Disney Worlds Magic Kingdom. If you are missing the Red Head you are not alone.

E.155 Disney, That’s the ticket! Pricing

On this episode, we are trying to break down all things Disneyland and Walt Disney World Ticket Pricing but with 38 options to choose from it might take more time than we have. We also take a look at local passes for in-state residence.

E.154 Disney’s One Band Magic Band

Let’s talk about the Magic Bands at Walt Disney World and why everyone loves them but is Disney following you home? Let’s talk about it on the Obscure Disney Podcast.


E.153 WDW NYE 2019 Recap. Walt Disney World New Years Eve.

We have finally slept enough to recover from our last Disney World trip, so let’s talk about the highs and lows of our adventure! We had some amazing experiences plus one of Ryan’s worst nightmares comes true!! (Dun Dun DUN!)

E.152 Country Bear Jamboree Discussion.

Come on in and sit a spell while we yak about the Country Bear Jamboree! From its origins to the movie in 2002, we talk about what we love, what could be fixed and how it could be made into a super popular attraction!

E.151 WDW Frozen Ever After & Olaf’s Summer Camp

January is the perfect month to chat about a warmer-than-normal New Years Eve and a summer camp for snowmen! We finally managed to get on the super popular Frozen attraction at EPCOT, we will tell you our honest opinions before talking about this month’s patch.

E.150 Disney Ski Resort at Sequoia National Park?

On this first episode of 2019 we wanted to talk about peoples favorite winter sport and how Disney almost opened their own Ski Resort near Sequoia National Park.