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E.255 Disney Year In Review 2019

What a year it’s been for all of us, even Disney! We are looking back on the big things we can remember from this year in Disney history. What is your best (and worst) memory from the mouse this year?

E.250 Muppet Christmas Carol

Is it possible to retell a story in a way that is original and still entertaining? Today we dive into another telling of A Christmas Carol with the Muppets! Which ghost is the creepiest? The answer may surprise you!

E.249 Disney Free Day

Have you ever thought of going to Disneyland without spending any money? If you have this podcast is for you! We have it a try at downtown Disney we talk about that today on the Obscure Disney podcast.

E.248 Queen Mary Park

Today we are talking about the interesting story of how Disney ended up owning the Queen Mary for a period of time and how it almost become one of the coolest theme parks of all time.

E.243 Going Trackless

Disney has a lot of great technology and one of the best, Is the Trackless Ride and they are using it in all kinds of new ways. Today we are giving them a few more. If you have not seen this yet, take a look at this video HERE

E.239 Beauty and the Beast on Broadway

In this episode, we wanted to talk about Disney’s first-ever Broadway show, Beauty and the Beast and how it inspired the live-action movie in later years. find out more about the show and how it changed the direction of Broadway.

E.237 Dead Men Tales at Disney

On this special Halloween edition, we are talking about ghost tales at Disney and debunking a few too! Happy Halloween everyone!

E.236 Villians a Bit More Scary Party

What would a Halloween party be like in a park dedicated to the Disney Villians? Today we are going back to the Dark Kingdom for the party for the season! What kind of party is being thrown by the bad guys?

E.235 Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Walt Disney

We dip into some childhood trauma as we remember seeing Indiana Jones as kids, and then chat about the attractions inspired by Indy in the parks. Is Disney ready for a darker Indiana Jones attraction?

E.234 Front Row Riders

Is it better to be in the front row, first to experience everything with the wind in your face? Or is it better to enjoy the ride in the back, avoiding getting splashed or seeing what’s coming up? Today we talk about rides that are too scary for the front row.