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E.323 The Country Bears Movie

The Country Bears is a 2002 American family musical comedy film, directed by Peter Hastings, produced by Walt Disney Pictures, and based on the Disney theme park attraction Country Bear Jamboree. The film stars Christopher Walken, Daryl Mitchell, Diedrich Bader (in a dual role), Alex Rocco, and Haley Joel Osment as the voice of Beary Barrington with the voice talents of Candy Ford, James Gammon, Brad Garrett, Toby Huss, Kevin Michael Richardson, and Stephen Root.

It was Disney’s second theatrical film based on an attraction at one of its theme parks and the third overall film based on an attraction following the television film Tower of Terror (1997) and the theatrically-released Mission to Mars (2000). Its world premiere was on July 21, 2002, at the El Capitan Theater in Hollywood, California. After that, it was released to theaters nationwide on July 26, 2002, and was a box office bomb, grossing $18 million of its $35 million budget.

E.277 Lion King on Broadway

Lion King is one of our favorites, and it is one of broadway’s favorites too! We talk about that more today.

E.274 Winnie the Pooh in the Parks

Winnie the Pooh has been in the parks for a while now, but at what cost? What attractions did we lose for his attractions and was it worth it?

E.267 Toon Town, Visiting the house of the Mouse

There is one place in the parks that you can go to and be sure you will run into the man (or mouse) in charge. Today we are taking a trip down to Toon Town both past and present.

E.266 11 of the best Disney songs of all time

We have found a list of the ‘Best Disney Songs’ and we have some questions. Today we are going through and deciding if this list is accurate or if it needs some revisions. Sing along!

E.265 Hercules. Mortal, by Hades

February Patchcast!! We chat about the movie Hercules and it’s problems and then about the patch of the month; MORTAL by Hades. Is Hercules one of your favorite movies? It’s definitely one of ours.

E.255 Disney Year In Review 2019

What a year it’s been for all of us, even Disney! We are looking back on the big things we can remember from this year in Disney history. What is your best (and worst) memory from the mouse this year?

E.250 Muppet Christmas Carol

Is it possible to retell a story in a way that is original and still entertaining? Today we dive into another telling of A Christmas Carol with the Muppets! Which ghost is the creepiest? The answer may surprise you!

E.249 Disney Free Day

Have you ever thought of going to Disneyland without spending any money? If you have this podcast is for you! We have it a try at downtown Disney we talk about that today on the Obscure Disney podcast.

E.248 Queen Mary Park

Today we are talking about the interesting story of how Disney ended up owning the Queen Mary for a period of time and how it almost become one of the coolest theme parks of all time.