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E.284 Pixar’s Onward now on Disney Plus

With everyone at home, we thought we would discuss what is on everyone’s mind, Pixar’s Onward now on Disney Plus today on the Obscure Disney Podcast.

E.283 Inspired by Disney’s Cinderella Gourd Motor Company

Today we are talking about our newest Disney Patch that is Inspired by Disney’s Cinderella Gourd Motor Company and the best way to travel.

E.282 Mickey’s Runaway Railway Short Films

If you have not yet seen the Mickey Shorts, we are telling you a bit about what your have been missing out on and how it inspired the newest ride, Mickey’s Runaway Railway at Hollywood Studios.

E.281 Disneyland Downtime

Like most of us, Disney has some downtime going on right now, today we wanted to discuss what we would do if we had Disney downtime in the parks.

E.280 The Sword in the Stone (1963) Review

With all the downtime we decided to cozy up to DisneyPlus and give the Sword in the Stone a watch, and we love it! This is the complete review and additional thoughts on this loved Disney movie!

E.279 Abandoned Village of Disney-like Castles in Turkey

There’s a $200 million abandoned village of Disney-like castles in Turkey. Take a look inside.

From far away, the Burj Al Babas could be confused for a diorama of miniature villas. The homes all look the same, their blue-grey steeples and Gothic fixtures calling to mind the castles in Disney films.

When the project first began in 2014, its developer, the Sarot Group, hoped the luxury aesthetic would appeal to wealthy foreign buyers. Now the homes sit empty at the base of Turkey’s northwestern mountains.


Video HERE

E.278 FROZEN II (2019) Review

We finally got to see Frozen II so of course, we have to give our opinions. Was it as good as the original? Or did it fail to live up to the hype? And can we stop screaming ‘Into the unknown!!!’ all over the house?

E.277 Lion King on Broadway

Lion King is one of our favorites, and it is one of broadway’s favorites too! We talk about that more today.

E.276 Thunder Mountain Railway Discussion

Today we are revisiting our lost podcast about the Thunder Mountain Railway at Disneyland and the Magic Kingdom.

E.275 Sleeping Beauty Recap

We are talking about the joy of sleeping with Sleeping Beauty. This fun Disney movie classic is always worth discussing and we talk about some of the parts you might have forgotten.