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E.251 Disney on Broadway: Aladdin, The Little Mermaid

We are talking about two of our favorites shows and how they got to broadway. Disney on Broadway: Aladdin, The Little Mermaid gave us a lot to talk about today on the obscure Disney podcast.

E.250 Muppet Christmas Carol

Is it possible to retell a story in a way that is original and still entertaining? Today we dive into another telling of A Christmas Carol with the Muppets! Which ghost is the creepiest? The answer may surprise you!

E.249 Disney Free Day

Have you ever thought of going to Disneyland without spending any money? If you have this podcast is for you! We have it a try at downtown Disney we talk about that today on the Obscure Disney podcast.

E.248 Queen Mary Park

Today we are talking about the interesting story of how Disney ended up owning the Queen Mary for a period of time and how it almost become one of the coolest theme parks of all time.

E.247 Spending Mr Banks: Dinosaur, Animal Kingdom

We are venturing into the world of a redesign of the Dinosaur ride at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. What would you do to update the ride?

E.246 Zootopia the Patch

We know you love Zootopia as much as we do! Today we are talking about the movie and how it inspired this month’s patch!

E.245 Disney Thanksgiving

On this special Thanksgiving holiday, we are talking about what we are most thankful for Disney style this year.

E.244 Davy Crockett, is it Worth Watching

With Disney+  we are introduced to some older movies but are they worth watching, We talk about that today.

E.242 Lady and the Tramp Live Action

Disney + is for the dogs…literally! How did the first day go for Disney, and how was your experience with the service? We are jumping in to talk about all things canine, Lady and Tramp specifically. Does the remake live up to the original? Or is it better?

E.241 The Little Mermaid Live

Like a lot of us, we watched The Little Mermaid Live and wanted to talk it over with some of our friends, today on the Obscure Disney Podcast